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In a world of constant technological change, businesses must have the ability to adapt. In essence, successful businesses need intelligent solutions to become more efficient, more effective and more profitable.


You can choose from a wide selection of mobile phone packages that are inclusive of phone minutes, texts and data which means that you just pay an inclusive monthly fixed fee. If you have an SIM only business mobile deal, you have the flexibility to upgrade your mobile phone at any time, regardless of your contract length.

Our Product selection

We will compare the best networks, mobile phones and operating systems to find you the most suitable business mobile phones for you and your business. We can save you money!

We make choosing your business mobile package simple and stress free.

Continued after service

Our aim is to make choosing your business mobile phone package as simple and stress-free as possible. You can choose from a variety of contract lengths and mobile phone options that are tailor-made for your individual needs.

Why does your business need our service?

Ask yourself these questions…..


Do you feel you are spending too much money on your business communication needs?



Would you like a bespoke analysis by an experienced account manager?



Do want to know you are getting the best deal available to you across a number of networks?


Our Work Process



Our process is customer focused, we analyse your bills and find the right package which will be tailormade for you and your business. Its simple, give Essential Phones a call and let’s see how we can help you save money and get more buck for your data.



You will get an in depth analysis of your usage and needs. This will enable us to source the right handsets, the right contract and the best support.  We make your communication more effective and make the management of the service simple and stress free.



Once you have chosen the right package from our tailored options, you  will be set up immediately.  No paperwork, no hassle and most importantly no wasted time.

Our Story

The company was born out of the frustration of being a small business and being continually looked down on as such, by service giants that just didn’t seem to care… Mohammed felt that he deserved better treatment than that and so he worked out his own ‘DIY’ mobile phone solution. This first success prompted a further, more in depth, investigation of the telephony market; and before he knew it he was helping many more of his business contacts and friends find their way through the tariff jungle and into better deals. Adding to his ever increasing knowledge of the market, and his passion for fairness and giving good service, Mohammed decided to launch a new company to service small businesses with dedication and respect, and to share the benefits of what he had learnt.

That was just the beginning of the story and since that time, Essential Phones has grown into a mobile communications specialist with a track record of successfully saving people money. It has built up a wide network of customers who no longer find mobile phones a painful subject and has made a whole lot of new friends, business contacts and colleagues along the way. You are invited to come along and join the journey.

The company now looks after a range of customers; from sole traders and small local businesses, right through to large corporate organisations… but it is still driven by the same idea that gave birth to it a number of years ago…

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